We have created more than 5000 blogs, more than 800 videos of various experiences of learning, around more than 1000 videos of various programs, 100’s of articles, 100’s of newsletters, few podcasts, 1000’s sessions designs, 100’s of programs, a few public talks…all are not being used/monetized/apprenticed by others, For that matter not even of good quality – in some video the lighting is dark, some blogs are not even read by others, in some article, there are spelling mistakes, in some talks we just talk nonsense …but we continue to produce because we like to be RICH. When we are producing we are actually not thinking – will people like it, are we right, is this politically correct, what will people make images about us…ah! All we care is that WE WANT TO BE RICH and COLLECT THE WEALTH.

Somehow we are made to believe that the worth of anything is only when it is GOOD. In a way appreciated by others, used by others or paid by others.

Some of us continue to believe
Anything I make needs to be perfect
Anything I do needs to be good
Anything I talk about needs to be understood (appreciated) by others
Anything I write needs to be correct (grammatically, thought wise)
Anything I say needs to make sense
Anything I post needs to be recognized (seen, responded, thumbs up)

And we pass this poor making process to our children too 🙂