Goals & Aspirations


This session began with doing Namaskar in all 4 direction. Then with music, kids were asked to imagine themselves as water and were making waves using their hands…initially with one hand, then with both hands, then with interlocked hands, then holding hands with the person next to them in a circle. Kids were excited and were involved with the music. few made it like dance moves, few like an exercise, few had problem holding hands of the person next to them, few felt pain while doing. Then kids were asked to do a few imaginary actions like squeezing a lemon, stretching up like a cat, pulling the shoulder up to the ears like a turtle, making a fly get away from the nose without using hands. Few were involved, few found it difficult to close their eyes, few were getting disturbed.

The activity for the day is to use Guided visualisation to look in to the future and to see what all each child wants to do and what all skills each child need to possess. Few were fully involved, enjoying the GV with smiles on their face, Few were finding it difficult to close their eyes, few were responding loudly to what all they visualised. Each child was given time to put down their goals, skills, feelings that they visualised on a paper. Then each were given a chance to fill up the Goals & Aspiration chart. Kids were very eager to fill the chart.. Few wanted spellings of their goals. Kids also shared their goals and skills that they need to develop. Sharing of goals were doctors, police, engineer, IAS, collector, teacher, cricketer and even a Bahuballi. For Skills- running, high jump, batting, knowledge, study well, weight lifting. A child wanted to become a police, but doesn’t know how to become one…. Gave a vague description and suggested to find out from a police man how he has become one. Similarly with other goals as well… Each kid shared an icon like latthi cane, syringe, bat, ball, computer, bahuballi that comes to their mind after the GV. Kids also shared their feelings. Feelings were happy, sad, disturbed…