Goal Setting


We started with saluting in different ways…..Then we took partners and each partner worked as a mirror to the other and repeated the actions of their partners… and then partners interchanged their roles.. Was interesting to see kids doing it with enthusiasm.. This session was to let kids choose a goal, think & plan different ways of achieving it and finally work on it. Code for the day was to work in teams and only when the entire team is convinced with the planning they proceed with working on their plan.

Then kids teamed themselves into different groups…. Then each team was given a chart with a diagram of train engine with different coaches. The engine was to represent their goal. Each coach was marked with different questions like – What? Who? How? Time? Then each team took time to fill the chart based on these questions and worked out a plan… Kids were informed about the materials that were available also.. Few teams chose to work on creating puppets, few others wanted to create greeting cards. Then each team collected materials and started working… They had only 20 minutes for their activity. So they had to plan their time also…. Initially few teams asked, “How to do Aunty? Few teams said, we don’t know how to make……. but by the end of the session they all came up with many interesting creative stuffs…. It was really a treat for me to observe those little hands on work… Then after 20mins kids took time to sort out the materials to be returned and the waste to be dumped in the bin… Then Kids reflected on their overall experience, working with a time limit, working in teams… A team said they were able to achieve what they have planned, another team said they planned to create puppets of kings and queens but we created robot. Another team said working with a time limit made them very alert. Another team said they could not complete what they had planned…..