GOAL was the word this week or rather “specific goal” was the key of the week.

  1. Some kids set their goal like “making of monkey bar”. The goal had “product” inbuilt in it and that became the reason to work. Some wanted to work on different aspects of material, strength, different ways of using and so on…
  2. Some set goal “make solar cooker” later it came out “cooking in solar cooker”.

Result was, some were confused, some were frustrated, some were doing because they had to do … we were loosing the joy of doing what I want to do – possibly confused what is that “I want”. We asked questions to ourselves “what is that I really want to do?” Each goal was re-looked and re-defined.

We began with “what I know about this topic, what I want to do – ask 30-40-50-60 questions on various aspects and finally connect with ONE or FEW questions which I really want to work on. This allowed to first realizing that what some of us were doing is not what we really wanted to do 🙂 and also it led to discovering what is that we really want to do.

Apart from the interesting journey of goal the week was busy with

One child was calculating cost of one meal leading to understanding about weights and measure (child was confused with gms and kilo grams)
One child was buys with adding wheels to his toy
One was busy with writing spellings of numbers
One was busy reading story and translating in Tamil
One was busy cooking
Other was busy folding paper and exploring origami
One was busy understanding what are the different ways one can learn
One was busy with identifying Hindi letters
One was busy with measuring and painting on the walls and floor
Other was busy inventing cap with a fan
One decided to observe others

Apart from this

Some were busy with birds
While some spent time understanding Fitness and individual flexibility plans
Some went to market to buy weekly grocery and busy till evening to calculate
Some continued playing and creating in sand
and Some were busy observing our new member at the campus (Sona, the cow).


Few were busy caring for pets
Few were segregating plastic and making bags
Few cleaned toilets and bathrooms sparkling
Few ensured we get food in time
Few cleaned our living spaces
Few joined in grass cutting

This is not the work of many months or many people – just 12 kids and few adults around from Monday to Thursday – we make the campus a leaning space for ourselves.