Go Cycling…

When Raghunandan Uncle was sharing his passion for cycling, we were all transported into the adventurous world of cycling. Raghunandan Uncle told about his 1st long distance cycling experience to Nandi Hills in 1989 and then his subsequent expeditions to the Western Ghats and to Sikkim.
He told us the nitty gritty of cycling- how cyclists prepare for there expeditions, how they depend on pit stops in order to continue their tough task and how cyclists keep them self motivated with their mantra..” one pedal at a time”
Gears, wind pressure, single lane cycling, hand pumps, tubes, punctures- we got to know all
Children were mesmerized with his experiences. For more than an hour, he talked and we listened.
He shared valuable tips withall of uswhich will linger onfor a long time
  • That we do not need any special cycle to do cycling.
  • Cycling is for all ages, any body can start cycling any time. Cycling is a hobby as well as an exercise.
  • Good posture and correct cycle size are the only things we need to think while cycling.
  • A cycle should be cleaned with a wet cloth and washing leads to rusting of cycle parts
These are just few of the tips…there were lot more.
Children asked many questions and he answered them patiently. He showed us how to fill air and how to check the puncture also.
Cycles which were standing at home suddenly became exciting. And now we know so much about cycling…
So what is the plan….? GO CYCLING!!