Glimpses of Project Led Learning as one part of Self learning


Blog By Lakshmi:
Today, it also marked a new beginning for all the 6 projects as they are now handed over to the children and from now on being guided by their respective class teachers. The children will parent their projects and we might only be consulted if needed. Continuous four to five weeks of project-based work with children which involved –
a) choosing a project dear and that they dreamt of,
b) Understanding and implementing the concept of Design-Discuss-Do,
c) Making project-specific design mind maps,
d) Teams explaining projects and getting approvals from their class teachers and HM,
e) Making posters and Labelling,
f) Execution of the project itself
g) Writing status report and pending or future plan for their project,
h) Voicing out comfortably if support needed or any unworkability,
I) Students empowered to do project execution independently.

Phew… it seems like a lot of things are achieved within a very short time like setting of codes of Dosa and Pongal to define Attention for Listening and Action times, reflection circle, bring stationary for session, multiple language communication barriers, silencing each other, building intentionality, including teachers community, getting a class room without furniture constantly, separating project teams and non-project or disinterested children and so on. It has been a very joyful experience for me so far after we decided on the start of projects till its handover. We have a new look out with children and teachers there and it’s cordial and mutual. Next week, 5th Dec 2019 has been planned as Learning Mela at Aarohi O campus from 11 am to 12noon. A learning Mela poster and sample sign up sheet have been given to the class teacher to enable sign ups and to arrange possible resources. Children seem very excited to come to the campus. On the whole, it’s been a very fulfilling experience and relationship with all involved. See you till next time…
Auf wiedersehen!!