Getting a gift

With the chill and the festive spirit Christmas brings with it loads of joy. Santa coming and getting gifts. Wow, any age loves getting gifts. I definitely do love getting gifts.

Children were looking forward to what they would get this year. The buzz of aunty what you are buying, is Santa coming, please give now etc. could be heard many times.
Many times we shared what if Santa was not coming this year, what if we change the ritual, what if no gift this year and they only had one reply do not add any more What if, you just buy and come.As the last day came in children saw no signs of gift and they were is the “What if” really coming true.

The time came for the announcement of the gift. As they were all ready and settled an announcement that Secret Santa has send your gift brought in loads of cheeeeeeeers. If Santa was real he would have been very happy to hear the cheer for him.

Slowly I showed them the money I had but they were more eager to wait for Santa. Finally I announced, Santa has said each child to get 50rs and they can buy their own gifts. This was welcomed with hoots and ha ha and woooooooow and of course many had bright sparkling eyes and smiles.

As we gave the money, few were happy that they could buy what they want, few were thinking will this be enough, few shared I won’t buy know, few had their list and we all went shopping.
I may be judgmental but I think the amount did not matter, the things to buy did not matter but what mattered most was receiving gifts.