Gas Turbine with Kowshik


Often asked…who are the teachers in open learning? How do they learn?We learn, not by teachers but by the people in the industry. We always don’t learn only when we have needs. We learn whatever comes on our way as we are not chasing any curriculum or defined time or outcome. We learn without any curriculum as everything is the curriculum of life.

A session on gas turbine engines with Kowshik, an engineer, working on designing, gas turbine power plants. What is an engine? Where do all we use them? Why gas turbine?

The session didn’t begin with understanding the gas turbine but all about what we see all around – compressor of the fridge, an engine of the bikes and cars, generator when lights go off while shopping, more power, wagon engine, exhaust fan, chimney and so on. We tried connecting with our experiences to understand the application of various gas turbines…Aircraft, Helicopters, Power generation, Mechanical Drives, and Automobiles.

Trivia was not easy to imagine – How much is a Watt? How much electricity is generated by one hydraulic power plant like Shaban Sudra? Gas turbine facts – 400 MW,1800tonnes of air, compressed air to 22 times,1300degree temperature, expanding of the engine and so on. Gas turbine fuels – natural gas, liquified natural gas, synthetic gas, theprocess has, Naphtha liquid, heavy diesel oil….all terms were new and alien to most of us. We just heard them, tried throwing our own vocabulary and understanding.

And we connected with the symbols of “Siemens, GE,RollsRoyce, Mitsubishi” – manufacturers of these gas turbines engines. The session ended with a dramatic explanation of how one goes on procuring these engines!