Gaming Day


The purpose of activity club is to expose to different basic skills through games, doing, reading and researching.

Reading day – Read for fun with a common theme, reading together, Sharing what I read, read and conduct quiz, read for action words, read for describing words, speed reading, read to comprehend, loud reading, Group chant

Gaming day – We explore different games as part of learning – We read the rules and play and explore games like Kaleido, Acting kindly game, bluff and make game rules, explore addition and multiplication.

Research day: Bring topics to research like the tusk of rhino, tatkal ticket status, research on the water cycle, weather…the list is long.

Doing day – Explore making Weather station, Solar heater, Origami, Accounts verification, sorting groceries from a market trip, etc

One gaming day- Explored Game on Spices Route all around the globe. We started with a question – What is Spices? – some knew, some did not know, few said I knew to play this game, and some said it’s my first time. We made 2 teams, we read instructions on how to play? Every time after one page, we paused are we listening ? are we understanding?we asked questions what is Indicate, adjacent? Finally, we were ready to play the game. We started to play the game. As we played – one question – which place is our team landed on the globe? what all dishes we use this spice triggered our curiosity to think about spice and dishes? We got globe to find the Place name in Globe. and we coninued…