Gadget and Fasting Proposal


Often when we see a problem – either we ignore, or we find our own solutions. When it comes to finding solution for children, adults normally suggest a solution – the key is to involve kids in solving their problems. Often when we involve them, understanding of any topic becomes that much deeper. This time in thought club we pondered over ‘how do we want to use our gadget?”. Here is the story…

At Aarohi we began with no codes, as we moved ahead we brought codes for self discipline and smooth functioning. Primary purpose of all of us being at Aarohi is ‘learning and growing and glowing’. All other things comes as bonus to us. We began with gadget anytime at Aarohi, this freedom was misused. We brought the concept of entertainment only during wait until dark. While the concept of wait until dark is to explore various medium of entertainments, only one medium (video games, browsing on internet for shopping, face book, whatsapp or videos) was explored – it become ‘video game/internet until dark’. It become so infected that any new child who joins, goes back home and ask for a ‘tablet’ to be able to be at par during ‘wait until dark.

This brought a proposal in thought club in ‘my voice’. We began the thought club with reading proposal. This an individual thought provoking exercise in group setting. Most responses were written and shared in group.

THE PROPOSAL – During next term (five weeks 5-Sep to 7-Oct ) at Aarohi, we are on ‘gadget fasting’. All children below 18yrs of age do not carry digital gadgets i.e. mobiles / tablets / laptops / mp3s / headphones / PSP to campus. All people above 18yrs above will use gadgets only for learning purpose. The fasting includes adults at campus – who would not be available on whatsapp / facebook from Monday to Friday and only for an hour on Sat-sun. Laptops/mobiles will only be available for learning purpose and documentation. For all other needs, before we turn towards laptops or downloads, we will turn first into ourselves and other resources. We review this fasting at the end of the term.

Each one of us wrote, what does this proposal means to me.And, If this is the final proposal then, what do each one of us think are the problems? Why this proposal came ? Write all possible problems responsible behind this proposal.

We shared reasons behind this proposals – Over use, experience, alternate options, by default this becomes sources of entertainment, way of escaping from our own self, understand our dependency on any medium like gadgets, ways to explore fasting and to try new ways of learning, addiction was too much, waiting for video games time only, to explore new games, to get used to nature, leave addiction from laptops and mobiles and explore card games and carrom, we all were getting addicted and jealous of others gadgets, wait until dark was to express different mediums of entertainment, we loosing the purpose of wait until dark by making it gadget time, control temptation to gadgets and explore new resources, even day time using and getting distracted and forcing patents to buy, no self time. no reading, when go home only on gadget rather spending time with parents without being aware of surroundings.

Next Round – What dis-advantages you see due to this proposal ? What advantages you see due to this proposal ?

  1. Advantages – Explore and experience other mediums, know self, coming out of dependency, In future If get addicted to one, this experience will help in motivating, more community time.

  2. Disadvantages – Missing call and messages, negative image of gadgets, not updated with technologies (may require for a job).

Last Round – Each one made our own proposal (as if this proposal was not existing then what proposal I would like to me for myself )

  1. Aditi – use for 1/2 an hour for fb/ WhatsApp for work related stuff. Continue to use gadgets for blogs and notes making.

  2. Àrsalan – use for music and 25 minutes in mini militia. During weekends with family one and emails. Movies during weekends.

  3. Krishna – Use mobile to talk to parents. During weekend watch movie and YouTube.

  4. Nandini – Use after 8:30pm for an hour for WhatsApp and phones. Using laptops for getting specific information.

  5. Devi – Phone calls in night. No movies. I’m case of temptations will watch. But will try cutting next week.

  6. Yashas – using for learning purpose. May like to use for 45 minutes in night, but optional, may use or not use for anything.

  7. Pratyaksh – 45-60 minutes if I really want. Not carrying phone thorough out the day. I-pad only for learning.

  8. Sahil – Use phone only for calms and check messages in the night for 10-15 minutes. Use laptop for personal work.

  9. Vaibhavi – Use laptops only for learning and music purpose.

  10. Lakshmi – Use internet for learning and researching on topic of interest like history, geography. 20 minutes of whaysapp and other messages. 40 minutes of family and other emergency calls.

  11. Sammedth – Use for Google plus. Play sometimes in wait until dark.

  12. Adhibaan – Play with tab only for an hour

  13. Leela – Use phone calls for family. WhatsApp for train info and Aarohi parents. Use laptops emails and blogs, information and learning.

  14. Dhrupad – half an hour play games and movies. . Google community 15 minutes and use iPad for alarm.

  15. Ratnesh – user laptop for learning purpose, Aarohi work and watching movies on weekends. Use phone for Aarohi and family.

  16. Skanda – see movies and videos in the weekends. No gadgets in Aarohi.

  17. Advik – only for learning purpose

Some of are still deciding :).

The whole process gave us a lot moreunderstandingabout self and our needs. We have gadgets around us in Aarohi, all agesbringtheir gadgets to Aarohi but use as per their commitments.