Future – Degree – Open Learning Faq

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Isn’t the child’s future in open learning insecure? What if the child is denied opportunities of Jobs etc because he/she does not have a degree?”
A good question that we should delve into!

Dwiji, a parent sharing
First, it is important to clarify Open learning does not imply that the individual does not get a degree. They get a degree that they are seeking to get, not something that others (whether parents / the love of their life / their favorite teacher/society/country) want them to. Maybe they will decide to not get a degree too.

Next, do all those who have degrees get jobs? Not at all! Ok, but does everyone who has a job, have a degree (in that stream/profession)? No, not true either. One needs more than just a degree to get a job and what we see regularly in any profession, one needs to have more than a degree to stay on in a job!

Finally, it would be helpful to think of this through an age-old analogy. Pursuing open learning is about helping the individual to identify what fish they want to eat today, to train them on finding the waters where that particular fish swims, to have them pick up the tricks on how to catch the fish, and of course on how to cook it and eat it too. And give them the self-confidence to do this all over again whenever they want to!