Future and Teen Age

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TEEN Klub with Rajesh – Sometimes there is a big silence, sometimes there is thinking, sometimes there is an expression with QUESTIONS… it’s all about just chit chat!
The idea is not to convey any one message but just have a conversation to explore selfSOME GLIMPSES of the Conversation
As we reach 14yrs – Hidden or explicit message we get from the environment that we need to be something by this age? Why does the environment (parents, teachers, friends) seem to be giving this message “hey this is the time to choose or narrow down, pick something, focus on something?” What is the difference now (at this age of 14-15yrs?)Are we wasting life if not focusing on one thing?
Is doing many things not learning and growing?
If not focusing, is it wasteful?
Fear of the future – some level?Is the environment (parents, teachers, friends)) very very concerned about LIVINg and EARNING?
The entire learning narrows down to one thinking “JOB and FUTURE” – Do you think it’s ok? Is it fun? The implicit assumption that everybody has to “BECOME” something. Is there an option of not becoming? Even If parents don’t want, this age brings that NEED to BECOME – is this coming from the environment or within? Is it both ways?
Some from WITHIN, some with PRESSURE – where is the pressure coming from?Is it possible to EARN and make LIVING even If I am not focusing on one single thing?Maybe the environment is giving the message because to be able to earn a living means it requires a tremendous amount of work in developing those skills before the market accepts you?
Do multiple interests mean “may not acquire a sufficient level of skills as an avenue to earn a living”? Spend many many years to develop that skill to reach an earning level?Does it shift from JOY of doing to developing to be MARKET READY (COMPETE)? Does the relationship with that activity change? Do shifts from LEARNER to ACHIEVER bring a block later in life? What does this INTENSE race do to us?What if when the JOY of that activity is lost and no other interest is developed? Can only one thing lead to not liking after a few years and “I only know this thing”?Does the exploration of many different things make any sense? What does it mean to remain LEARNER? What do we gain, what do we lose when the focus is on one thing, for the market and the future?We continue next week …