Fun and feelings


When we meet our child after school or a class (piano, chess, art etc) or sports we ask “ what you did? We often miss out the range of feelings a child has gone through in any experience, let’s ask “How did you feel today in or after the class?”

Often we feel ‘playing is fun’…..lets explore the challenges behind…some of the kids shared after an action packed week which looked ‘fun for kids’.

  • This week, I felt frightened, happy, angry, excited.
  • This week I felt Yeah!, hungry, thoughtful and nervous (while making roof).
  • This week I felt interested, also confused, tired and a bit nervous. This week I felt achieved throughout the week while making roof.
  • This week I felt happy, great, hungry, in pain when people were teasing, very nice when doing work, sometimes it was fun.
  • This week I was feeling funny, mad, painful (when I fell down), hungry, tired, frustrated, happy, hot. I did not feel grumpy.
  • This week was challenging for everything – Initially I did not get idea to make movie, in roof it was challenging, today choosing fruit for breakfast for all was challenging. This week I was feeling happy, I was feeling sad, I was feeling hungry, I was feeling exciting, I was feeling confusion, I was feeling scared and that’s all.
  • This week I was feeling excited, and surprised (for movie), then I was happy.
  • This week I was feeling excited and happy.
  • This week I felt pain when I got hurt on my toe nail, bored when I did not play video games and went to sleep, I felt hot after playing running and catching, I was little frustrated when aunty did not tell anything to other child, I felt fun when playing with cats keeping in my lap and making dance, I felt disappointed and mad when I was searching cats and other child shooed them. I was feeling a little angry when other child was making fun of me in the football ground, I felt very nice I worked so hard for making roof (drilling and screwing). I ate fruits and felt “mehnat ka fal meetha hota hai”