Freedom comes with responsibility

A group children were assigned to the task to clean the attic in sunshine room. There were just told to do clean up.

The next day the kids went and looked at the room. They had a discussion among themselves what all they need to do and how all to do? Each shared their thoughts and suggestions amongst them. Each kid decided to take up some responsibility and as a team they started to first wanted to empty the whole room.
The room was dark and they wanted some light. they came asking for some candles and directed them to the resource room, saying I saw some there. they tried using the candle. But after sometime they put off the candle. They back again and asked for some torch. I told them, see what all options you have to get light there and try out everything. If you need any help, please me know. And if you think any materials is unsafe and you think, you need adult supervision, I am there please let me know.

After few minutes I went up to see, how the kids were working. There I saw them using a wall mount electric lamp and they had completely cleaned up the place all by themselves. They again arranged all the things in a way they can be taken out easily if required. They again discussed various ways how to repair the teapoys.
Then they examined each thing that was taken out. They separted that would be repaired. They discussed how broken teapoys could be repaired. They discussed how to make this room resourceful. Observed them go to the group including the faculties to ask how this room could be made resourceful.

The next day too these kids went into repairing the teapoys. Each went to the other when need help. One kid when he was not getting any help from the group, he was demanding, saying one of you help me to fix these teapoys. Then two kids volunteered to help him.

They have not completed the task the journey is still on.

As a facilitator, I just was there, I did not intervene, nor questioned, nor gave ideas or inputs but went to see if they were safe. My learning was, when children are given the freedom to do things their way and the rope of their safety, completion of any task, taking decision how to do is IN THEIR HANDS and yes!!! they will take the resposibilities and march forth as soliders in an army. Enjoying my journey with these kids