Free of Family


I grew up with a feeling of “my family” is the most important thing

for me. After I got married “my family” changed and THIS family became

the most important thing for me. In the journey I found may people,

but they did not become the most important thing for me. Why? I ask


I started doubting the concept of family.

I started question the concept of MY child

I started wondering about my role as a parent

I started questioning – be family be given to my child or my child can

choose his/her own family?

LET GO – Khalil Gibram’s poem “my child is from me not for me”. I

have to let go that my child is not my property who comes with a

certain assurance of relationship. I will not like my child to connect

with me because I am a mother,

SUPPORT CIRCLE- I will introduce my child to many more people. I want

my kids go beyond me and my persona. Let them know to behave good and

bad, and let them choose whom they like to connect. Let them fly free,

free of me.

I AM NOT THE CENTRE – When it was discovered that the center of

the universe is sun, not earth – it unsettled many religion foundations.

Let me introduce my child, that I am not the center of the family,

my child is the center and child can choose its own universe, own

planets and own galaxy. Let me unsettled this concept of “my family”.

Family is not the boundary of relationships.

Family is not about what you get by birth.

Family comes when I come together

Oh! child be free to choose your own universe,

Let me be only a star twinkling in your life

You can reach me when you want

You can touch me when you need

You are free of any pull from me

You are free of me.