Food and Nutrition


It began with a session with Mrinalaini. It was all about questioning and understanding through those questions

  • Why do we need nutrition in food?

  • What is the primary purpose to eat?

  • Why do we have three meals? Why do we get hungry every 4-6 hrs

  • Have different species different food and timings?

  • What happens to food when it goes inside?

  • What all for we need energy?

  • Why do I eat? To be alive or for taste or to have preference or job to be done or

  • Think about how you eat? When hungry or When do you feel experience hunger?

  • What happens to food when you put inside your body?

  • Do you know where does our food comes from? How do we store? How do we prepare? And how do we eat?

  • Why do we continue to eat even when we know it is not nutritious like soft drinks or chips?

  • How do we pass our food beliefs passed to our children/ friends?

  • How is food driven by fear (lack of development) and greed ( long black hair)?

  • Why do we need carbohydrates? And proteins and fat in our body?

  • How do emotions make a difference?

  • The cow who is giving milk, who is bringing, how it is cooked, how it is consumed?

A small walking exercise with various options made us realized that ‘when you have a purpose how does your response changes? She shared “The problem is not with food, maybe it’s with our attitude towards food ?” Have we even wondered “How lucky we are to have three regular meals?”. The mood with you feeds yourself or your child is important. Food is a giver of life.

Some understanding about food as

  1. Carbohydrates – Primary source of energy

  2. Proteins – Building blocks of body

  3. Fruits and Vegetables – For various vitamins needs of the body

  4. Fats – very primary source of energy and stored energy. Helps in cushioning organs, tissues building and manufacturing enzymes.

  5. Simple sugar – Immediate energy

  6. And WATER- a primary source of transport in the body.

To experience – Make milkshake or salad or a snack with your own recipe. Decide your own constraint – add nutritive value or to make it wholesome or for a specific purpose ( for sports diet or to reduce weight).

No food is bad, it’s just that we need to bring balance.