Food and Me


Food and me……Food is so much part of our life, ever wondered what are our food values, what are our family food beliefs. We explored food through different families in Aarohi TV channel…. Each participant shared their family food values.

At Aarohi We began with a question ” can a campus teach?” And food and kitchen became a place to experience, explore, and experiment. Keeping this in mind we follow

  • Respect all food and food habits.

  • Source local food for three reasons — environment, connect with community and learn from constraints.

  • Constraints of unavailability of certain food items allows us to look for alternatives.

  • Explore different cuisines and culture through our kitchen

  • Space to experiment and fail

  • Evolve…. we evolve with three groups and various needs.

  • This also includes needs and comfort of people in the kitchen to prepare food.

  • Not follow one specific theory of food and nutrition…. While were explore various opinions about food, we don’t subscribe to one specific school of thoughts… This also evolves.

Various topics covered in different presentations….. family food habits, nutrition in our food, comparison of food of different culture , effects of food on emotional and mental health, effects of processed food, vitamins, ideal diet, opinion about milk, diet of a sports person, how to make junk into healthy food, diet of growing kids, food history and why home made stuff, postures while having food, Millets in food habits.

Some children prepared the presentation but were nervous while presenting, some did not present, some presented with confidence…one may feel that its known group so presentation will be easy, but there is something in concept of ‘stage’ that makes one nervous and conscious. Such presentations at Aarohi allows kids and even us to experience that ‘stage fear’ in their own comfort and discomfort. We not only learnt about food, family values but also about ourselves 🙂