Food is very talked about topic – how much to eat, what to eat, eat for growing bodies, eat this food and avoid this food.

This brought an opportunity for each one of us read and research by self to be able to take our own decisions.

Some read about food during the festival of Diwali, food ritual of Wazwan of Kashmir and food beliefs during pregnancy to understand food and culture.
Some read about good food and bad food with suggestions and different ideas of healthy snacks to understand food and health.
Some read about dieting and yogic food to understand food and emotions.
Some read about acidic and alkaline food to understand the role of food in our health.
Some thoughts were new, some information was already known and was reinforced, some didn’t understand what they read, some got inspired, some just listened.
Each one of us took our own decision to take responsibility for our food and health. The session was not to follow one thought, one belief but rather create own understanding and own decisions for own food and health.