He likes aeroplanes. He wonders how aeroplanes fly? He also likes watching videos on “how the stuff works?”
So both together became a session on “aeroplanes”. He took an hour session with the community and explained all about aeroplanes.

How airlines works?
How aeroplanes works?
How does the engine works?
What is thrust?
How does turbine works?
How does the aeroplane fly?
How does landing happen?
Why do they fill just sufficient fuel?
What keeps the aeroplanes in the air?
How aeroplane takes a turn?
Why have aeroplanes pointed front?
How does navigation happen?

In his presentation, he talked about engines and flying. He didn’t mug up nor he made any notes – he just explained. He drew for us on the blackboard when we needed visual aids; He showed videos to compose our understanding.

Next time when we are flying, we are going to make connections with those flaps, curves of wings and shape of the aeroplane. He brought flying in our learning space!