Five senses or Many senses? One way or many ways?

I am working on “five senses”. This is the one of the topic for next year sessions. I only knew “senses as see, hear, touch, smella and taste”. While digging deep in the topic I came to know about the sense of pain, temeprature, balance…………………….

Working more on the topic through multiple intelligence, I came across this pciture on senses and it wa smind blowing. I do not about the kids, but my own sense of senses have braoden and I have fallen in love with the topic. Eager to do more resesrac on the topic and go beyond my academic knowledge of senses.

About the picture – At first glace, this is simply a scene in a darkened inn frequented by the poor and down-and-out. Embedding a classical allegory (a symbolic image) in such a subject makes it especially intriguing. Each person acts out one of the five senses: sound is represented by the woman with a lute, at center; taste, by the man emptying a flask of wine; smell, by the young man with a melon; sight, by the man on the right holding a pair of spectacles; and touch, by the two people who are fighting. Paolini’s allegory dates from his early years in Rome, where he studied the paintings of Caravaggio (1571-1610), known for their realism and strong chiaroscuro (modeling in light and shade).

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