This week we looked in our food and nutrition- we are experimenting with soups and different menu to accommodate raw food and more fruits.We also explore flexibility – we tested our flexibility.Praveen, one of Aarohi parent joined to share about fitness and exercise – we had fun dancing and exercising and also knowing about fitness, food and various aspect of our body.Often exercise is associated with “fat and slim”, we rarely talk about fitness. He shared how six packs are not required to be fit :).

Some of the kids make their own fitness plan with Praveen. Each child has different needs – one wants stamina to play football, other wants flexibility and fitness, while another one wants strength…different needs, different plans. And this is not only about fitness and exercise – we also talk about food. We have brought change sin our meal – fruits, soups and salads have found place in our menu. We also eat chocolates and chips and love Pizzas 🙂

Some go for jogging, some practice football, some does yoga and some do flexibility exercises – and we look forward to Tuesday 🙂

Watch all legs work :).