Fish for them or teach to fish?

One of the question lingering in my mind “why only simply watering the plants, why not do more like measure the water, how plants grow and so on?”

What is our role?
To fish for them
Or teach them how to fish

So when they give water to the plants, what is our role – tell them how many different ways they can learn from watering the plants? or teach them that they can learn anywhere from any work they do.

While I like the idea of infusing many learning opportunities, I am more interested in how it can be introduced as HOM to children, so for life they can learn by self. How about when they set their goal, ask (for awarness, not necessary to follow)

  • How differently are you going to give water today?
  • what is different today?
  • what is new today?
  • what is challenging today
  • what different resources. tools?

Now, the child has the space and freedom to choose – what is different for me, what is challenging for me. For one child – pouring water without spilling is new or challenging, while for other measuring water quantity is different.

How about let them figure out HOW they can do it differently They have experienced balance while they were walking on one leg during stimulation. They have experienced how to measure water while working in flocci of measurement

Now, can they synthesize their learning and create a new learning for them in a new situation (Synthesis is higher order thinking skill). If I synthesized by telling them “while watering the plant, measure the quantity”, I am developing my thinking skills :).

So when they water the plant – it is whose responsibility to bring different ways of watering and doing many different things with that watering activity? What is my role and where and when?