First week @ campus

This week was the first week at O-Campus after summer holidays. I was so excited throughout the week. It was also challenging for me. First time I was dealing with 12 to 13 children at a time. The age group was 4 to 15:). On the first day, we had a discussion on different elements of aarohi like welcome, sunshine, responsibilities at the center, etc. The openness in the environment was making me peaceful. Every day in aarohi is new for me.

With kitchen in place we all were very excited and we ended up spending most of the time in Ambrosia. We explored different dramatics items made out of junk as a welcome. We explored body intelligence in stimulation.We played around with tribal dance in flocci. We decided to work on resources every afternoon on club timings. The full week flew like a bird and ended very fast. Looking forward for more happening weeks at campus.