First Aid – Safety


We all get hurt, but very few know what to do for first aid.
Many of us have fear of snakes/ scorpion/ bee but do we know what first aid to give in case of snake bite?
One child told me “I don’t cook, because it will burn …”do we know what to do in case of any burn?
Strangers, abuse, fear…we all have but do we train our minds to face them?

Safety training atAarohibegins with “which area you want to train yourself?”
The need of training ( area) comes from each one of us, we decide which area we feel ill equipped or have fear or curiosity.

This week the training was no different.
Out of four areas (first aid, animals, self/ social and natural disaster), each one of us choose the topics…after some research it was time to share with the group to make it collective wisdom.

FirstAid – how to help the patient, first aid, how to recognize dislocation
Electric Shock -Do’sandDon’t’sto avoid electric shock,Do’sandDon’t’sin case of electric shock.
Self Defense – Sensitive parts of the body, few techniques,
Sexual Harassment – what it is (rumours, jokes, forcing, brushing, photos) , how to handle, what all to do (share, complain)
Burns – Types of burns ( thermal, radiation, x-ray, chemical), Various degrees of burns,Don’tsin case of burns.
Sunstroke/ Heatstroke – Why it happens, signs ofsun strokes, first aid.

The session left some of us curious to know more, do more, explore more.