Fire and Understanding


‘Fire’ the word brings anxiety, fear and danger. Since many of us associate fire with danger and fear, we need to even more understand it better. In campus training we worked on fire safety.Drill of ‘stop, drop and roll’ helped to get some idea how to handle fire on body. This also created a need to know about how our actions can supply more oxygen rather extinguishing the fire. We still needs to work/ reflect on our habits to panic. Imagining fire on body, rolling on floor and feeling safe at the end brought us closer to fire and also closer to our fear.

Demonstration of usage of fire blanket and fire extinguisher (made with vinegar and soda, and other made with salt and sand) created the curiosity on different kinds of fire and fire extinguishers.

We still need to work on understanding electrical fire and house fire, understanding which all areas inside any home or building can catch fire, need to work on understanding safety codes. We also discussed about shortcuts and possible dangers due to that.

Some resources we used

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