Finding passion

I was just reflecting upon the learning space event that happened in amable on 15th February. Initially, we watched a video about a lady who was talking about Swaraj university. This university is just like an extension of our own Aarohi school. I am part of this school as both a parent and a faculty. I, too, have my questions and queries about how it is going to work in future. Many a times, I catch myself looking for reassurance on what I am doing as a parent – putting my kids in an alt-ed school – is right.

In the event, Asawari – a 15 year old, talked about her plans (or no plans) of continuing on this journey of learning. She said she may go to Swaraj University… She doesn’t want to decide now…

Ratnesh read a story of a girl who left school and tried out different things to figure out what her passion was, what she wanted to do, etc., Finally she found out that her passion lies in weaving, clothing.

So what if my child does not find her passion? What will be her future?Will she still be able to decide what to do with her life?

Many times I have debated with many people on various thoughts like – Can we earn our bread and butter with passion? Looking at the lifestyle we have, will our passion be able to pay for it? Suppose I have a passion for music, but music is not paying me enough, what do I do? Let music be my hobby and let me do something else to make both ends meet.

I want to ask you all, how many times have you tried to find your passion? How many times have you lost or failed? What is it that you want to do for the rest of your life? May be many things.

When I asked these question to myself? The answer I got was not just one… but many!
I like cooking, I like kids, story-telling, trecking,
music and dance are my favourites…. There is not one particular thing… there are many things I am mad about.

How did I find this? I was exposed to these things. My mind noted this somewhere.

So what is the key? EXPOSURE!!