Finding Nemo – Resourcefulness

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Have you ever wondered about “FindingNemo”? We all have ability to find that right Information or the resource we are seeking, but that is buried somewhere. A 3yr old child asks a lot of questions, while a 13 yrs old makes a lots of comments. Ability to find is lost and replaced with faults (in self, in others).

A sesssion on “how to find information” was to rekindle that ability to SEARCH and ASK those forgotten QUESTIONS (to self).

If you were to find any information about any topic, then how does one can go about? We pondered how do we findNemo? If you were to find “Nemo” then what question one can ask?
How to findNemo?
What isNemo?
How can we findNemo?
Where to find?
Ways to find ?
Last scene ofNemo?
Fish to track?
Where to find clown fish?
Where isNemo?

If it didn’t gives you results what are you liking for, then what else questions would you ask
Types of fishes?
Producers ofNemo? Who createdNemo?
Who madeNemo?

The important thing here is that the child is “thinking”.
When one is searching for information/ resources (online) usage of keywords like extensions (likepdf), course, tutorials,Wikipedia, channel, by names, recommended, suggested, add adjectives ( easy, best etc), area, comments, forum, questions, review … can expand the scope of search.
Find People/ places – Through other people, reference, social media, websites, books
Techniques – Different ways of making, Search for ways of making, add adjectives ( crazy, best, popular, 10 ways)

The trick is in asking question…more one ask questions, one THINKSmore!