Film club – book review


The title says “watch 3 movies…no homework, no school”.

Well, it sounds as simple as homeschooling – not send child to school, no packing lunch bags, no chasing timetable or grades…as you read the book one can relate with every moment as homeschooler – like homeschooling the novel too bring experiences when one is doubtful, frustrated and also confident. And while the father continues with the education of son through films, faces challenges in personal life of job etc.

The story moves from film watching to various other issues one may face with growing-up – sex, girls, feeling low, feeling worthless… the issues are more in western context but the facts remains the same – that life is much more that only viewing 3 movies a week!

Like homeschooling / unschooling the life goes through many ups and downs, has its own moment to celebrate and challenges of its own. Sometimes father feels he is controlling, at the same time feel loosing grip of the basic idea. The story shows various level of acceptance – kind of support a teenager would need and at the same time honest expression of a parent who is accepting in all situations and struggle to cope with many facets.

Worth reading not to know about movies but to explore homeschooling/unschooling.

From wiki – The Film Club is a non-fiction book by Canadian writer David Gilmour. It is a memoir of himself letting his teenage son (Jesse Gilmour) drop out of high school under the stipulation that he must watch three films a week. It was first published by Thomas Allen Publishers in September 2007.