Figure out!


Often the phrase “kids do by themselves or figure it out yourself” is misunderstood and misleading. Let’s look at various version of ‘figure out’…

  • Figure out what help you need – you want me to tie thread, or design for you or to read for you or just be with you?
  • Figure out from whom you need help – you can take help of books, people, yourself and mine.
  • Figure out how do you want help – someone does for you, find resource for you, just be with you, interact with you,
  • Figure out how much help you need – little, complete, just this, just to start, just to trouble shoot….

At Aarohi ‘figure out’ have various definitions – One of the role a faculty plays is to play around – Sometimes we help, sometimes we help in getting clarity, sometimes we wait and allow struggle to happen, sometimes we make it easy, someimes we stimulate thinking, sometime we pause, sometime we join them, sometime we pull back our support…..the list is long.