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He told me, “I am fidgety”.

I said, “I bet you are not”

He said, “I am different, my brain wiring is different station and its not straight”.

I said, “I bet its different for all and straight for anyone”.

He said, “I cannot sit in a place”.

I said, “I bet you are sitting here for past half an hour, you can sit”.

I had further conversation with this child,

I shared with him that he is sharp and intelligent, He grasps the concept fast. In group situations when he is done with his own understanding he spend his rest of the energy in disturbing others. Asked him how would it be If he starts taking himself to next level and challenge himself and not stay at one level of understanding.

hmmm you know, even being sharp in understanding (so called intelligent) can be harmful when its not channeled.

When we talk about any concept, he is ready with answers, he is very eager to tell…in a way actually he does not any gyan from anyone of us. All he needs to look at things differently and to be able to think and expand what he knows.

When given a challenge to make one law a day, he was engrossed for half an hour 🙂 When given a task to share his expertise to process his composition on the wall, he sat for 3 hrs to make a sample…..I guess, you are getting where I am heading towards 🙂

Its not about this child….its about us who are just not able to match up with his speed of learning. In sessions I have to put extra efforts to ensure I am able to match up with his speed :).Its not about him, its about me :).