Few blogs to smile (during KAA trip to forest)

One child said “you try, its okay to fail”.

One child came screaming “I saw a baby crocodile”
Another came out – “It’s a big crocodile”
Another came out “its biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig crocodile.
Ratnesh came out with a smile “I was waiting for this, it’s a monitor lizard”.
Now you know how rumours are formed 🙂

Kids were sharing “I have come to see animals……………..” One child said “I have come to just relax for two days”.

Seeing the forest bungalow made in “1898” and the rooms’ one child expressed “Britishers put in lot of efforts to make this house”. The child is involve in making of O-campus and knows what all goes in making of a structure 🙂

This child is very very good in drawing insects, birds (this is what kids expressed to me) Staying with him (2 days) many other kids practised the skills of drawing and it was like an epidemic in three days to DRAW. Few kids told “we do not need to go to drawing or painting classes to learn, we can learn by observing, being with a person who knows and also by practising by ourselves”.
Well, the child did not teach to any one, then how it became epidemic??? Something to explore 🙂

One child expressed with a big smile “kids who do not listen need a proper faculty like aditi aunty, kids who listen can work with not so proper aunty like Ramya didi…….:)) (Ramya joined as an observer/ volunteer).