Felt like an Inventor:


One child in session was working on making of a car which can move. In reflection, he shared: “It all started when I saw a video of conserving energy and my peer making a rocket. Then I got the idea of making a truck which transports small things without a need of moving us. So I started working on it. In making the body I did not face problems but, while hammering the wheels the wood was breaking. I just took a thicker wood which worked. But wheel did not move properly. So I applied some oil to it. I tried to stick it by glue. It did not work. So I taped it. In the engine I stuck two straws together and joined balloon to one of the ends and tested it. It started flying like a rocket. I felt like an inventor when it started flying. Then I started making the third wheel. I am enjoying my work and looking forward to work on it next week.”