Feel Electronics


Have you ever seen electronics? When one talks about pottery, one can see the clay and pot. When one talks about carpentry one can see the tools and joints. But when talking about electronics, one can really not see the current passing. We often connect with the world around us using five senses…but with electronics, one can really not feelit.

Rajesh, a homeschooler and Aarohi friend sharing his experience with electronics. As a 14yr old child, he was mad for electronics but faced the challenge of “not able to see” electronics. The session was about a book which helped Rajesh in feeling electronics. The book is about experiments and learning through experimenting. For each experiment the, the author helps us seeing, visualizing and feeling electronics!

It began with an introduction of the breadboard and then visualizing different components and their roles – wire, battery, switch, register.

We imagined – Electrical wire as pipe, the flow of electricity as water in the pipe. The water pump as a battery which gives push and energy, battery as energy converter l and storage like a mug or tank. Mischievous electrons in metals and meditative electrons in plastic, wood, stone. Switch as valve/ tap in the water system. Register as mud blocking water in the pipe (partially or completely).

Apart from the introduction of the book, the session was full of question, imagination, thoughts, and metaphors. One simple question “What is circuit?” AND Two hours of exploration.making, thinking, creating, understanding and exploring.