Feedback on feedback

Last time, when I was compiling my notes on “leadership”, I realized a lot of thoughts came from what the children think based in various experience they – it was not coming out from learning from dictatorship.

While I was doing preparation this, I did not get much relation between feedback and Lok Sabha (what I read in wiki). Still, I decided to continue with the session to know what and how kids will respond to.

Well, During the session few kids came up “cannot see any relationship between feedback and Lok sabha”.
Some shared “we can have Lok Sabha, we can feedback by voting, we can have majority and so on”.

We divided in two groups – one who thought no relation and others who saw relation in two. They gave feedback to each other on “what they inferred from the information”. At some more said “actually I too did not see any relation. I simply did it”.

So feedback for us from children “We could not relate to “feedback and Lok sabha”. Though we learnt about both”. I loved the session – It was very stimulating session for me.