Fear is good!

Fears are good! They allow us to learn more, keep informed and go deeper into the topic.
Few kids going to nearby ponds. Some of them shared the concern of “what if someone is drowning?”. This led to a training on drowning! A little research revealed that none of us knew anything about rescuing a drowning person. The first realization “don’t jump into the water to rescue. Let this be the last rescue technique”. We dug deep into – Why someone drowns? What happens while drowning? How to save someone drowning? What after drowning? What to do when you are drowning? We are more equipped and empowered to understand the situation of drowning!
The trip to Mulki for surfing raised concern over ‘safety’. Well…another good news. We got the opportunity to learn more about surfing before we start our journey tomorrow morning – watching videos how to surf, reading about common mistakes and knowing more about the place. Before the group left, the group was confident, prepared and well informed about the art of surfing!