Families Glowing!


Imagine Aarohi – a community of open learning. In the community, not only our kids glow, but the families also grow together.

They joined Aarohi to give meaningful education to their daughter, 5yrs old. As they grew in Aarohi along with the child, the support of grandparents grew with the child’s growth.

Here is what they say “Reflecting back on this year… it has been a mix of easy, hard and challenging activities and actions. I loved this year because I was more at peace with myself and was able to contribute to community and self more freely mentally… you know the conditioning and unlearning takes time. Avani too mostly figured out her ways with her learning and planning.

It was very satisfying for me to fully complete the door painting with a few children this March. A blog will soon come by on that…This year Avani also learned jewelry making in Jan, which totally took over her and kept her space. The various clubs like Reading club, tween club, math club, football reading, etc seem to have a great impact on her. I enjoyed and overcame my own fear of cooking for a larger group and making mistakes too. It was entirely out of the world experience for me.

Sometimes and some things seem humanly impossible to me. There is soooo much love that goes into each roti, breakfast or just about any food making. There is no one thing I can say I got; living and participating at Aarohi is definitely different from everything else. Another great thing this year for us was greater involvement and encouragement of grandparents in whatever we wanted to try or do. They love the way She has picked up her language and vocabulary; and how confidently, freely and independently she can share her thoughts.

Our journey with Aarohi has been very memorable and that of inclusion, love and growing together. I truly am learning how to be inclusive of all… family, community, country, world. Our family bonding and binding have grown 500% times in the past three years. Our vacations are different these days and value-adding. We find deeper connect with volunteering and contributing to the well-being of all, things like a random act of kindness which never before existed… now makes us smile and do. There is not a single day without thinking about Aarohi for us. Thanks to Aarohi community for building such a meaningful and life-worthy space for all children, parents, volunteers, pets, Akka’s and Anna’s and their families to spread and share all colors and fragrances of life and providing a world-class open learning community.