Falling Sick

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Bad news – Few kids falling sick very frequently
Good news – Opportunity to understand food and health.
The journey began with questioning “do we know how does food gives energy?”.
Hmmm…only the discovery about food digestion, nutrition absorption by blood cells led to the understanding role of food in our growth. So when we consume food which doesn’t have any nutrition value, then there is not much for the blood cells to absorb! So when we supply nutrition through our food, the blood cells have something to carry! Is this simple?
Does this makes any sense to understand food? Does this make sense to further understand what are carbohydrates and their role, Protein, Fat, Minerals, Vitamins, and roles?
Food audit brought another twist. Few kids made their food and health journal.
Food focus of the day brought commitment for self.
A question “what water does?”, led to knowing more about the role of water in our body.
While there are different points of view about food, health, and hygiene, we have just started with knowing few things, as we move along we hope to explore more to take rope of our health in our hands.