Facilitation Diary

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Few kids started with deep diving in their area of interest and the journey is not straight forward. Often asked “so will they do it all by themselves?” The answer is yes and no both – sometimes they do by self, sometimes they need a push, sometimes need support, sometimes need a different window to look at. As a facilitator I also have my own limitations, my own window to look at, my own thoughts about the situation. Sharing one of the thought processes – just remember in this process I am not adding many other observations which had especially to their efforts, process, and growth.

Let me start from the beginning

I was dreaming of deep diving, various actions in various fields and creating energy of deepening the interests in the community.
But I was a bit disappointed with the few term planning with either more other stuff added to fill the gaps of the time and the same old structure for the new needs (most schedules of the deep divers started with sunshine, and ended up with chit chat in wait until dark).

Sometimes when I am not in agreement and my gut feeling is not in sync with – either I say spontaneously and sometimes regret that I should have waited, sometimes I take my time to first understand my gut and then my thoughts and then my be[liefs and then my observations and my actions!

One child proved me wrong with going deeper in different ways with her interest in performing arts.
One child – I need to understand the frame of mind – I feel he is living too much within his comfort, should I as a mentor shake him up or will he find his agitation naturally? I did not understand the time spent on frisbee and product making and in sunshine marking attendance without any effort. Wait until dark (almost two hours) left unplanned and also consumed just like that. In Spite of each week talking about the EXPOSURE and MEAL time discussion, the casual approach continued – need some understanding – Does he needs firmness and demand of the outputs, daily follow-ups, specific goals to be achieved daily and a dedicated mentor who can walk along with him or all of these? Weekends are unplanned, unnoticed. While there is increasing attention on finding faults in other people but less attention on self-growth and self challenges. Following the basic minimum reflection asked to do, rest is left to thinking about others.

With Another child – some sporadic efforts, but not satisfied with outputs (hardly any), maybe too much attention on other new things like coding, frisbee, fitness, etc, etc. Need to understand her thinking behind deep diving and her block (if any). With mentorship in doodling, weekends are looking promising with other exposures related to the interest.

Another child stumbled sometimes, trying to understand his needs – is it still not found a deep interest or repeating the pattern of starting with high intensity, doing for sometimes and leaving after some exposure? His start was promising, deep into the making of the products, the recent excitement of learning facilitation is unexplained. His inclination to Parni remains the same, but to grow in the same is the process he needs to define before he leaves this excitement in the search of another excitement. So the thought in mind is – explore more, continue with the same pattern or find a way out for consistency and experience the different Skanda?

One more child entered late on the deep-diving stage, but more or less getting the grip of performing arts. I need to know more about her thought process. I have the gut feeling there are more uncharted possibilities.

Another child did not indulge into deep diving, but took the liberty of not attending Jaatre and sleeping in other sessions. At this stage disappointed with his output in system admin – disappointed because there is potential but getting wasted. FItness graph going down and affecting mental participation in other sessions, The focus on bullying, pranking and teasing is taking away space for self growth. The same old pranking conversation and gossip is taking away all the creative energy. Coin research was promising. Carpentry is doubtful – is it happening to just fill the gap or really to develop the skills?