Facilitating Thinking skill Creativity

Few kids choose their content of learning as making bags. The kids went and brought the required materials in a tray and were starting to work. I saw these kids using cross stitch materials to make bag. I asked them; “are you using these cross stitch materials for making bag?” . They replied, yes. I again asked them, how do you think this is challenging for you all. I have observed you earlier also us this material and do stuff. They were in silence. I asked them have you tried making a bag with old magazines, they told no, so I suggested them try making a bag using old magazines. Initially there was resistance, but later they accept to try it out. The kids went and brought some magazines and started their work. They were struggling to get the shape they wanted. They tried different ways to make it stiff and thick. Then they made into a shape, and they were ridiculed that it looked like a shoe box. They did seem to take it. They were into their work. After a long time of working, they made the bag. they took it around showing it to others. After having made asked, how did they feel making it with magazines. They shared it was challenging but fun.