Exploring Rock Climbing



Hello everyone !

I want to write my wonderful experience in Ramanagram!

We boarded our bus from Lal – Bagh at 7:20. and after that we left Bangalore, We had our breakfast on the way.from Tatte IDLI, the Idli were so big and that was my first time I was having such huge idli.


Our next stop was to kokkare bellur ! pelicans area when we reached there we saw stork, night heron and many other birds, Our main perspective was to see pelicans! but unfortunately we couldn’t see them because they come in June. but I was happy to see other birds! Kokkare bellur was a small village with beautiful surrounding as It started becoming hot we all Had ice -cream. then we were energized! and left for JANA -PAD-LOKA.


I saw many different things in JANAPADA-LOKA, things were well maintained there. It was afternoon… we were feeling hungry then food team coordinated and served us a wonderful lunch in kamat lokaruchi! it was refreshing and energizing we had PAN it was amazingour next stop was Vulture sanctuary . We all were very much excited to see the vulture, we saw long billed vulture after a long starving at them first we thought those are something else then we all were very excited to see them and those were two of them and that was my first experience to see this vulture


we saw them for almost an hour I was just enjoying the view just felt like seeing them …..then we left for the hotel, when we reached the hotel it was a dormitory


then we all had food ! goodnight as i was so tired i was asleep very fast .

Next day was rock climbing that was my first experience…I was excited to do it then we had our breakfast ! after that we all went to the place for climbing GENATH CLIMBS !!!!

I was amazed to see the rock I have done bouldering in my life but rock climbing was first experience Instruction i was listening to him carefully that I am not lost but this was just too awesome for me while he was giving the while it’s my turn … then SUSEN one of our guide went up to put anchor


that was scary to see her the best part was when she was coming down !! It was amazing and scary too!! Dhrupad went first from our group As it was too exciting for all of us ; then people started going one by one. Then I was learning to tie a knot for climbing ! I learned to make a proper knot ! soon my turn came ; then I started climbing it wasn’t easy to do It…

th once I started climbing ; I was feeling Amazed!


Soon I reached the top of the rock ! then the coming down was little difficult , It was scary too………. Then I came down I was sweating. then I gave my interview to the communication team to express how It feels. left for lunch we went to Ram-gad hotel we had heavy lunch, after the lunch we headed straight for another rock in opposite direction.

That was just amazing the rock was just too flat !!! then kowshik uncle went up to put the anchor. and as he was going up he reduced his speed to climb ,

we started cheering up people who were climbing up


, then suddenly i got a gash in my leg !! that was painful my leg was bloody. leela gave me basic first-Aid then I was kind of felling fine after the basic first- Aid

then i was relaxing and observing, then we were planning to pack up because it was becoming cloudy!

Then suddenly’’ it started raining! I was concerned because my foot has a hurt; and that was paining.

We literally got drenched, anyhow reached our bus i was concerned about my foot!! And i was shivering because of the cold weather.We went back to the hotel to dry ourselves and take some rest. We documented while we waited for everyone to get ready. After that we went for dinner. We went back and had a good sleep. We had breakfast at Ram-gad hotel and went to Lakshmi aunt parents house. There we were given an introduction to pottery and patri(toy making). We were separated into 2 groups. My group had first gone for pottery.


I was excited when i saw the mini sculptures, pots and handwork. We started with observing kumbar uncle make a vase/pot. Then we were supposed to watch him how to make a Ganesha and duplicate it. I was a bit surprised and shocked by uncles tone, but I got used to it after some time.then after a lot of struggle I made a carrot from a clay. I was thinking that It’s so easy to a carrot but difficult to make It, further I made a ganesha; then we were excited to make as waiting to make a pot on the wheel. When my turn came I was happy to make my hands dirty with the clay. I loved the feel and texture of it. After i made my pot i washed my hands and we all gathered at the same place where after pottery session we all had l width=unch

and moved to patri Toy making.

i was feeling little tired after lunch,There I learned how to make beads and how to use the tools.


I learned how they made their colors to color the beads from lacquer. I learned that they used natural colors like they made orange from pomegranate seeds. I had made a top and aunty helped me In coloring It the top looked something like this.,


I thoroughly enjoyed the patri . as per the schedule it was snacks time,


we all had snacks then we all had our yummy snacks , we had a change in our schedule we also went to the shop to buy stuff I bought- A top , key-chain with beads and a simple cowboy key chain


. overall I enjoyed my journey played games In bus like Atlas, bird games, and reached Lal Bagh around 8: 45 pm! With many memories.