Exploring fear in tween club

We started the session a small quiz of showing some words written on the board and asked children to guess if there is some connection between all these words.
After a couple of minutes, reading them aloud, thinkingchildren started associating words closely related like darkness & being left alone, water and ocean, cars & accidents, etc.
As they looked at them more closely they were able to guess the word FEAR being a common word for all these words. After the word being discovered by them, they spoke about some situations where they felt fearful. We discussed there could be some fears that we cannot associate or relate at all. Each of us has our own fears.
We moved to play a small game- Bingo game – we spent a little bit of time discussing a general bingo game. In our 4*4 grid, we agreed to fill in fears that we have experienced/felt. So 16 fears we had to list. We took the time to think through and write.
Once done the idea was to mark/cross the fear that we could :
The same FEELING that different fears gave us like I feel sweaty, I feel frozen, etc
The same THOUGHTS that different fears gave us –What do i do when i face this fear – do I face it, escape
The same ACTIONS that different fears gave us –Do i call for help? Do i have a planned strategy? Do I have to avoid the fear etc
I felt they had slight difficulty in associating /interpreting the above and then crossing it over.
We also ran out of time, hence we could discuss one fear. We winded the session quickly sharing the fears we once HAD and now we don’t have.
We also would continue on this topic in the next session with slight modification in order to get the part of associating.