Exploring Aarohi Library by Govt Model School Children.


Children wanted to visit campus to explore Aarohi Library.

Stimulation:” Imagine the type of book that interests you” and you see right in front of you.
Few chose to read GK books, few wanted ghost books, few wanted comics, few stories, few Tamil books, few for science books

Activity: choose a book from the library, read a story and change the ending and share to others
First the feeling of Wow to see so many books at one space, second confused to choose the book. Third chose some book, but later did not want to read those. They just wanted to change books. So they exchanged within their groups, They read different stories.

Reflection: Sharing of stories with each other with a different ending – Few did share, few shared with no change in ending, few wanted to read the books more.
We had to stop for keeping back the books as it was time. They all took turns to keep back the books.