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When my daughter, Asawari was 10yrs old, she showed potential in art and dance. I was in a hurry to reach somewhere, to achieve, to concur that talent…we put her in art and dance classes. She learnt but she didn’t explore. I didn’t understand then.

She was fortunate to have dream teachers in art as well as dance. Although she was excelling in both the skills, she was not growing. I knew it was hollow for me as for her. I knew it was senseless growth for her.

Well, we stopped all classes and since then she has been exploring. Slowly, I am beginning to find meaning in exploration.

To understand I needed to
Slow down myself…when I was running behind I didn’t get any satisfaction. All I got was more dissatisfaction. Since I slowed down myself, I could see the magic in exploration. I could enjoy each movement. Slow down in not equivalent to doing nothing or bring lazyness.

To understand exploration, I started exploring. I started exploring food, art, yoga and open learning. In none I wanted to reach anywhere. I found the joy of exploring!

I understood then my daughter and her explorations! She is still exploring and she will continue to do.

This reminds me

As you walk into the campus – walk slowly. Observe. Don’t be in a hurry to find out, to know, to ask. Soak in the place, its elements, its shades, its imperfections.

Let the eyes follow the action around. Be like a butterfly – skip from one thing in the campus to another. Or be like a bee – hover over something. Tame your questions by parking them somewhere (maybe in a notebook). Analyse less – things, people, and events. Just let them form an environment around you.

Slow down your thinking. Slow down your conclusions. Breathe slowly.

Rest assured that we shall hobnob, we shall exchange,

we shall answer your questions – but a little later.
As of now, cut down your discussions.

As of now, let clouds of thoughts float by. As of now let mind be quiet.

Quietude is a worthwhile option.
If required, enjoy this experience.

At aarohi, we go slow, for we have a day to enjoy, a life to live!


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