Explore Life Beyond Development (LBD) – What is Development ?

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Purpose – To be Aware, understand and measure – Happiness, development, Healthy Life.


We explored individual thoughts and group thoughts about :
Why and which places you think they are developed? – Facilities, Temples, Buildings, tourism,
Why and which places you think they are underdeveloped – No food, No fresh air, No water, No transport, No hospitals, Diseases
Why and which places you think they are happy and healthy – Fresh air, water, food, friends, natural resources, temples, Cleanliness.
The session ended with a video about development and impact.

What went well:

  • Visual medium – children were wanting to view.
  • When the Teacher was present in class – they were receptive to instructions.
  • Few Children were really involved and participative.

What did not go well:

  • Space for conducting was not ready and took time for cleanup and asking permission.
  • Echo Sound in class – was too high, unable to listen to children sharing.
  • Few Children wanting to share, few others not even willing to try, few not even attempting or trying to listen, few Children Commenting on Children sharing their thoughts and laughing and making fun.
  • Children who were interested were also disturbed by others.