Exploration of Creativity


Session on Creativity
Children were busy with the preparation for Exhibition as special for “Teachers day”. As I saw children were preparing, I gave the choice of continuing their project and only who were interested to do the activity can join for the session.
.We started with a jig “Rum Sum Sum”. We took little time to sort out who wants to do the activity and who wants to prepare for the exhibition.
We then set our expectations for the activity – “Listen, Wait for your turn to talk and Choice to participate or not” . We started the activity questioning ” Are We Creative? Is everyone Creative? , Briefed about the activity to use creative ideas to build the tallest tower in groups of 3 using only newspaper sheet without any other extra resource.

Children started with apprehension what is a tower, I don’t know how to do, fight he/she not doing, how can I make, I need gum, I need tape and giggle at each other and asking each one you do, you do.
I just questioned them “see, we are born creative, and now you have 3 heads to think in each group, think and imagine how the tower looks, how does it stand, what support does it need? where can you see towers? you want to fight or try making is your choice. Suddenly there was a shift in groups from giggling to trying.The magic happened from fights to sharing ideas, trying and trying and trying and wanted to do and do. I need to say Stop mulitple times. i was amazed at their creative ideas, different folds, different struggles, different disturbances, and theywere all involved in doing. I also observed children sharing aunty see how it’s standing, cribbing its falling, trying to hold, finding thread and tape to stick.
We reflected aboutthe feeling and experience about their own ideas, apprehension while starting and until their towers were standing.
Children shared i did not have any idea on how to do and i feel good, that i did it, I feel nice it was new way i tried without using tape.