Experiencing Emotions in a game


Purpose: The purpose was to be aware of different emotions in us. Everyone experiences different emotions and all emotions are OK.

What went well:

  • Everyone in the class was participative, involved.
  • Instructions were clear and few and understood.
  • Understanding silence Visual helped me to start the session smoothly.
  • Teacher and Children helped me to write in Tamil on the board.
  • Reflection went very well, where everyone was participative.
  • I was also doing the reflection with the children.
  • I had got Tamil Conversion from a child as part of the preparation, So i could use the words as and when needed.
  • I had the experience of conducting this session before, So I was mentally prepared for the flow.

What did not go well:

  • I was late for the session by 10 mins.
  • I forgot to take resources and had to come back to pick the resources.
  • I did not put effort to bring newness in the game, instead, I followed the same.

We played a game of tower making using cards. We made groups of 5 and every team has to build the tower. It was quite involving for children to see the need for being involved in making. Few were fighting for their chance to make, few were ignored, few were made involved, few wanted to proove and show, few wanted to make the best, few fought, few co-operated.
Every time i saw children with different actions, I reminded what emotions were causing them to fight, scream, withdraw, push,pull, express whatever they expressed.
They were open to connect to their emotions and when reminded they opened their book to mark

We all did Reflection in subgroups , looking at the chart of emotions . We just highlighted with marks , how many different emotions we experienced throughout this half an hour.