Experiencing Aarohi


Experiencing Aarohi begins with the feeling of freedom. Last week we had few kids and adults to experience Aarohi at campus.

Few kids began with making mud house, it took 4 hrs to collect three bandalis of mud and few stones. We did not have to tell them in their short stay at campus they will not be able to make such huge project.

They went on Kitchen science and began with apprehension that they can mix jam in water and soak potatoes and keep it overnight and observe it next day…they added Sambhar, chat masala, curd, bournvita, salt, lemon, jam and tomato sauce to see what happens to the potato next day. They recorded various observations. Within a day they were part of campus life – taking part in planning, playing role in their own learning what they wanted to do, how they wanted to do and taking part in campus care to water the plants and cleaning toilets.

They lived with their fear of darkness pets and animals – we did not try to take fear out of them. when needed we accompanied in dark with them, when they asked we supported with pets, when they enquired we answer to their curiosity about various animals…we listen, we supported and we also took them through various training sessions to understand animals and our safety and animal safety.

Three codes at campus to be followed by all – take care of self, others and environment (including resources), rest all each one has freedom to make their own space design learning in their own way.

Adults were requested to be like a child, a learned at the campus and enjoy. They lived fearlessly, without any boundaries with dancing with their feet in paint. They took part in kitchen science were wondering ‘how to stay with potato’. They took a leap and soaked potato in lemon and salt water to experiment. They spent their time in their own way – sometimes observing, sometimes soaking in nature, sometime pondering, sometimes doing, sometime taking part in other activities, some time just being with books.