Experience process


We use Granite in our homes, but where do they come from? Are they natural (how can they be without any chemicals?), or they are processed ?

Well, we went in search to find out about them and also to know what all is happening in our neighborhood. Just few kilometers from the campus we visited granite factory. They do not manufacture the granite in this factory, they process them 🙂

Huge blades, huge machines, huge stones, huge tiles….every things was humongous as one child shared….the process of cutting use of water in cutting, polishing and making them ready for the market. And all this comes with a surprise of various grains which the stones makes in their formations.

For these developing mind which are making sense of the world around them, its important to know how things are processed before they start questioning their environmental impact. During the trip they all were mesmerized with ‘machinery, processing and technology’. I think before we fill in their mind that these processes have many other environmental impacts, we also have to let them experience how these processes are happening. We need let them to relate to and construct their own learning based on what they experience.

The trip eneded with many WOW! And wish to explore how automatic machines works 🙂