Experience to fail – Fish Tank

He is interested in fish breeding
He wanted to make a fish tank
He was provided with all the possible material
For a few days, he avoided starting to make
He shared “what if it goes wrong”
We expressed “let’s make mistakes”.
He was with “but, if..then…”
We realized that co-creation may work
Together we worked
He was still with his “what if something goes wrong…”
He wanted it to happen
He did not fail, as he was very clear to not to fail (the aquarium was made)
But he made the progress – he moved ahead with one step of doing and trying.
He was involved
He was anxious
He was doing
The experience of failure was discussed with him at length – what if we fail? None of us have worked with glass or silicon glue. We further discussed is it okay if we fail? Initially, he thought we will lose money – but after some time he agreed that we will learn – so it is all right to fail!
So we started the work with the mindset that fear of failure will bring tension while allowing ourselves to fail will make us relaxed – so let’s choose a relaxed state of mind while working. This much for now, as he grows he will fail some other time!