I had observed a child in my previous. When some thing from his hand was taken away, he screamed and threw tantrum, even to extent of hurting himself. This week I wanted to work with this child and tried giving few materials – new and old and observe him. This child was very comfortable using wooden block and spent complete 3 hours playing with it yesterday. Today he asked me for blocks again. I told him, we will try some other material today. We both went to the resource room and picked ice cream stick, straw, wool, chocolate wrappers etc. I sat next to him and made a puppet using those materials. the child was observing me do, then he too started to make his own puppet in the same way. sometimes, when he was not able to put a knot or fix two ice cream stick, after trying for 2 or 3 times, he started screaming and shouting with frustration. When he was helped, he did and gave a sigh of joy. He made a puppet by himself, took it around showing it to everyone. I FELT JOYFUL AS A FACULTY.

In another occasion in the same session, he happened to go another classroom and saw some kids playing with wooden block. He immediately went to them and took away the whole box of wooden blocks and went away to his classroom. Those kids who were using it, came asking for it, they tried convincing him that it was not his own but of everyone, but the child was ignorant, they tried to take away but the child shouted at them and was about to throw some blocks at them. Those kids ran away out of fear. Then again those kids were called back. Then I told the child who had taken the blocks, that it was the resource of Geniekids, it used by child x, y, a,m etc by taking the names of all the kids and that he it not his own. It is everybody resource and he has to share it with them also. Then he told the kids who had come to take the blocks, that he will share the blocks with them and he did. I FELT EXCITED, WITH SOMETHING NEW I TRIED.